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get to know: catherine middleton; the duchess of cambridge ♡


rasluka17red-lipstickNatural History Museum, London  Do you see the little creatures climbing up the wall??? They look like gollums :O

enchantedengland: There are 78 monkeys climbing three arches, in nine different active poses, facing alternately right and left. The architect Alfred Waterhouse sketched the monkeys in a number of different poses, such as eating an apple and curled up on the keystone. Architectural trivia for the day.


sometimes I see the beauty in rain and the other times I just see the reflection in puddles.

"From 8.30pm tonight, Buckingham Palace will light up for the #InvictusGames, in support of all our wounded Servicemen and women #IAM.”

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Tall Ships by Umbreen Hafeez on Flickr.

Diplodocus by [Duncan] on Flickr.

Big Ben by Aurélien LR on Flickr.